Rationale for lesson plan…..Creating a Prezi

3. Plan and explain activities that will develop digital skills and knowledge for your case study learners. (028 – 2.1:  Explain activities that develop digital literacy skills and knowledge.

Based on the information that I received in the form of two case studies I decided to plan a session that would aim to meet the needs of the two learners (within a group setting). The session would aim to enable the learners to create their own Prezi presentation on a subject that they would feel comfortable with, the subject would be chosen based on their own interests, for example Alex would be creating a Prezi on either antiques or local history and Ella would be creating her Prezi on the subject of primary school education or teaching resources. These subjects would ensure that I would be tapping into their existing knowledge base and also provide intrinsic motivation for them both.

In terms of meeting their needs:


Responds well to one to one support so there will be a classroom assistant with me to support him. Alex also like to support others so I will be making an effort during the lesson to encourage him to support others in the group if an opportunity present itself. During the session I will be trying to illicit from him his previous Level 3 skills in order for him to recognise that these will be transferable to digital literacy, this will be done in the form of a brainstorming session using an IPad at the beginning of the session, the learners will use the Inspiration Mind Mapping tool. Being a visual learner I feel that he will respond well to the apps that I have chosen, Inspiration Mind mapping and Prezi are very visual and relatively easy to use with guidance. Alex needs to develop his literacy so I have provided an opportunity in the session to introduce him (and the rest of the class!) to Grammarly. At the end of the lesson I will show the group a YouTube video of Grammarly and ask them to write an evaluation of their experience of Prezi (max 500 words), they will be expected to use Grammarly to check their work before submission.


At the beginning of my class I have used a line up ice breaker so that Ella in particular can gauge her confidence in digital literacy before the lesson. The reason being that Ella is an intellectual lady who obviously has the ability to learn and I am sure that with the right support during the session her confidence will increase. This will be revisited before the end of the lesson to provide opportunity for Ella to consider where she is at following the session. In order to provide a ‘hook’ for Ella I intend to ask her to have a go at photographing the line-up and use Nutshell to record the activity, this is a very easy, quick win activity aimed just at her to engage her from the start. I will be using a Prezi presentation myself at the beginning of the lesson to introduce the aims and objectives so that she can see just how useful a tool it can be in the classroom given that she has a passion for education.

It has been recognised that Ella prefers traditional teaching  and being shown how to do something, the way that I have planned the lesson should appeal to her in that I am going to demonstrate how to create a Prezi before asking her to have a go herself. Prezi as a presentation tool should really impress Ella and this I hope will provide the motivation to have a go and get over her fear of technology. To appeal to the ‘teacher’ in Ella I will be sure to point out the educational uses for the apps and tools that I am introducing her to during the session and I hope that she will see the place that TTT have in the classroom to enhance the learning experience.

Tools, technology and techniques used during this session:

Nutshell, Prezi, Word, Inspiration Maps, Grammarly.

Ipad, Laptop, Whiteboard.

Youtube video to present Grammarly, Prezi to present the aims and objectives, hands on demonstration of how to create a Prezi.

Additional support for the group will be provided in the form of a classroom assistant, particularly for Alex who responds well to 1-1 support.

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