1.1 – Explain a minimum of three environments in which digital literacy learning may take place.

Work based learning environment:

Digital literacy learning may take place on the shop floor, in the factory or indeed wherever the individual is likely to come into contact with digital tools and technologies in their job. The kind of tools and technologies would reflect the type of work being carried out in the work place setting.

In the ‘traditional’ classroom environment:

Digital literacy learning can and does take place in the classroom, be that, nursery, primary, secondary or further/higher education settings. The classroom is probably one of the places where digital tools and technologies have kept up to date with many classrooms now boasting interactive whiteboards, laptops and even tablets as standard.

On a field trip (in the great outdoors!):

A little more challenging, but, digital literacy learning may take place outside in the great outdoors, whenever the opportunity may present itself. This may be a part of work based learning (in the Army) or during an organised field trip organised by the tutor (for example, a trip to a local farm).

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